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Flexible hours, generous payment, playing dress-up at work? Yup, this is the job for you.

What It Takes


To acquire this job, you must meet a few requirements in an effort to uphold our professional, authentic reputation.


Princesses & Fairies

  1. Dress size 6 or under

  2. Previous Vocal Training

  3. Performance Abilities



  1. Athletic Build

  2. Previous Vocal Training

  3. Performance Abilities


Superheros & Pirates

  1. Athletic Build

  2. Physical Interaction IE. rolls, martial arts, boxing, flexibility (varies by character)


All Categories

  1. Age 16-30

  2. Personal Transportation

  3. Nice, Clean Appearance​

  4. Good Attitude Towards Children



 - Dress size 6 and under

 - Pale complexion 

 - Strong vocal ability

- Dress size 6 and under

 - Tan complexion 

 - Strong vocal ability

Captain America/Male Superheroes

 - Athletic Build

 - Height 5'9" and above

How To Apply


After you have read the requirements, you can determine if you would like to join our team!


The process is similar for all of our character inquirers:


  1. Contact Brenda & Eden at

  2. Please attach a headshot, body shot, performance resume, and (for prince/princesses) a 1-2 minute video of you singing a song for one of the characters we are currently hiring for.

  3. If we have found you a suitable candidate, we will schedule a date and time to meet you in person*. 


Once you are considered "hired" there are a few things you need to know...


1.) This is a PART TIME job. You will be contacted whenever an opportunity is open.


2.) Because we rely on parties or public events, the schedule is inconsistent.

3.) You will be an independent contractor paid after each event.

4.) Masks are not worn during events unless specified by the customer; be prepared to sign a waiver and understand the risks associated with this job.


*Performers might be required to perform a live audition at the meeting.

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